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Grade II listed buildings & party walls

I have found through the years that clients are often unaware of the full laws concerning Grade II listed buildings, Party Walls and the implications that may arise. Therefore I have added two links. The first link is for grade II listed buildings


and the second link is for Party Walls


I hope these will shed some clarity before you wish to embark on any projects.

Benefits of Dry Stone Walling

I have been working as a dry stone waller since 2005. It is a fantastic material to work with and not only does it look fantastic it will last a life time.

What are the benefits of dry stone walls?

  • Durable: should last at least 100 years without requiring extensive repairs
  • Local: can be built using local materials
  • Environmental: no cement or its accompanying pollution and CO2 emissions
  • Sustainable: uses natural quarried stone
  • Encourages Wildlife: walls are a sanctuary for mice, voles, birds, slow worms, toads, newts, insects, mosses and lichens
  • Windbreaks: can provide much need respite from windy conditions

Significantly stronger and much better looking than wooden fencing which can be brought down by the wind.

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Dry Stone Walling Association

We are a member of the Dry Stone Walling Association and a Level II certificate holder.

“The Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain (DSWA) was founded in 1968 in Kirkcudbrightshire, by the late Mrs Murray-Usher and the Stewartry Drystane Dyking Committee. Since those early days, the Association has continued to expand and currently has over 1300 members in the UK and overseas.

As interest in environmental issues increases, dry stone walling sits comfortably within these parameters, being a sustainable product made from natural materials. Although initially appearing more expensive than fencing, with regular maintenance a dry stone wall could stand for 100 years and at the same time offering shelter and habitat for a wide variety of animals, birds and plants.

The main aims of the Dry Stone Walling Association are to promote a greater understanding and knowledge about the traditional craft of dry stone walling and to encourage the repair and maintenance of dry stone walls throughout the country. DSWA operates a nationally accredited craftsman certification scheme, run in conjunction with Lantra Awards, which offers four levels of certification.”

Visit The Dry Stone Walling Association:www.dswa.org.uk